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I assume the reason you’re reading this tutorial is that you just bought some Stompy Wax for your board. I must congratulate you on a most honorable choice. You’ve taken the first step on your path to mastering the slopes.
Now let's begin.
Step 1 - Remove your old beginner stomp pad.
No longer will you need to look at that relic of amateur days past. Rip that old stomp pad off and breathe a sigh of relief. With your little pyramid studs gone, nobody will think you’re a gaper, even if you’re still new to the sport.
After removing your old stomp pad, be sure to clean the top of your board real good. Make sure there’s no residue left over where you’re going to put your new Stompy Wax.


Step 2 - Taping Off A Design
Next, you’re gonna tape off a section of your board where you want the StompyWax to be. We like to use masking tape to make sure we get a clean look and crisp lines when we're done.
When taping off a section to fill in with Stompy Wax, be sure to tape off a section big enough to fit a boot. You probably don’t want to coat the whole top of your board and hide the design (or maybe you do… a sweet “grip tape” kinda look), but if your wax area is too small it won’t help keep your foot on the board.
A sweet design is a must, but remember why you’re putting the wax on your board. The point is to add a functional stomp pad, not just design the board.



Step 3 - Applying Your StompyWax
Here is the most important step. Applying the StompyWax. It’s important to take your time and do it right. Begin by rubbing the wax in a circular pattern in your taped off section. Make sure you don’t press too hard or go too fast. You don’t want the wax to warm up because then it won’t create the bumps you need.
We have found that using the side of the wax puck gives the best results. Try holding it on its side when you’re waxing your board.
After a little while, you will see small bumps start to form. This is what we are looking for. Keep applying the wax and the bumps will start to build.
After the bumps have started to form pretty good you can rub the wax in any direction you want. Keep in mind we still don’t want to press too hard on the wax. Continue to wax your board until you get an even coat on your design area and you’re happy with the coverage.
Step 4 - Removing Your Masking Tape
Here comes the most satisfying part. Peeling off your tape. Remove the masking tape to reveal your sweet design. Looks good, huh?
Step 5 - Shred
 Now it’s time to go ride. You can go out confidently now knowing your board is waxed up and looking clean. No more beginners stomp pads, no more missed grabs, no more feet slipping off your board as you’re getting off the lift. Go out and shred some fresh powder for us.
I love to pull really tweaked out tail grabs. It's one of my favorite tricks to do in the park or off any hit. I added a little Stompy Wax to the tail of my board just to make sure my glove won't slip off when I'm trying to grip the tail of my board.

f you need to remove Stompy Wax don't worry, it's super easy. Bring your gear inside and pull out the iron you use to wax the bottom of your board/skies. Get out your wax scraper or an old credit card or old gift card. Use your iron to warm up Stompy Wax and when it's soft use your scraper to gently remove the wax. If you don't have an iron, you can use some hot water and a cloth to warm up the wax or a blow dryer. The hotter you get the wax the easier it is to remove. 
The best part about Stompy Wax is that it will not ruin your top sheet graphics.
See you on the slopes!