Why Stompy Wax?

Stompy Wax has been formulated to give you the best grip between your boot and your board

Stompy Wax - The Best Snowboard Stomp Pad Ever!
  • Easy to use

    Super easy to rub on and can be re-applied at anytime. Check out the     How-To video below.

  • It's always sticky

    It always stays sticky, even in the worst winter conditions

  • Long lasting

    One puck should last you more than two seasons of riding.

  • Grip wherever you need it

    Your boots stick to it. Your gloves stick to it. Wherever you apply it, it gives you a sticky surface so you stay connected to your board.

About Stompy Wax

We are really proud of what we have created. It started with a feeling we got from being in the ocean and then wanting to keep that feeling while being in the mountains.

  • Inspired by the surf

    The best thing about surfing, besides catching waves is just hanging out on the beach and watching the swell come in while you show your board some love with a fresh coat of surf wax.

    At Stompy Wax we wanted to bring a little of the surf culture to the mountains.

  • Thoroughly tested

    In our small basement shop, it took 27 different formulas before we found a recipe that we were happy with. 

    We wanted a wax that would be sticky and last all seasons.

  • Hand poured

    Each wax puck is hand poured and hand packaged.

    All of the packaging is made of recycled materials and the ink used is made with vegetable oils.

    At Stompy Wax we believe in creating a product that will have a minimal footprint on the mountains. We love the mountains and want to make sure that what we do today will keep the mountains in the same condition for everyone else to enjoy.

How To Video

Quick video on the best way to apply Stompy Wax


I finally got the chance to try stompy wax today and it was absolutely phenomenal! It made a huuuuuuuge difference in my ability to ride with only one binding on. Thank you for making such a great product, I'm going to swear by it for the rest of my life!

Try this product. I also hate stop pads. This is a game changing product! Would have made riding down Tremblant less sketchy when I broke my binding strap!!

Super cool idea. Didn't bail getting off the chairlift.

I just wanted to have a foam grip with no xtreme grip or tundra grip. So I put a layer of wax on the foam. You can't put much because once a layer is on you actually remove the wax be trying to put more. It kind if balls up and rolls of the foam. But..that thin layer gives your grip a tackiness that helps. I compared it to just plain foam the other day and I am sold on the wax!

Absolutely... I would totally recommend Stompy Wax to any seasoned snowboarder. I have used it on both my decks and my daughter's as well. Great stuff! I hate those cheesy snowboard stomp pads. Stompy Wax holds up and is super grippy. No more slipping and sliding when getting off the lift and great for skating threw the flats. I will need more for next season! 

Tried it out on my park snowskate at the resort. Really helps to feel more like real grip tape. I’m flicking and catching my tricks better and more in control, even if my feet aren’t on perfectly. Highly recommend!

Not just for snowboarding

Stompy Wax started as a stomp pad alternative, but was quickly picked up by anyone with a snowskate.

  • It works as a great way to boost the grip of the foam

    Just adding a thin layer of wax to the foam top sheet will make a world of difference in the feel of your snowskate. It helps keep the snow from building up and makes the foam feel a lot more like real skate grip tape for those flip tricks.

  • It works just as well as those spiked grip sheets

    It gives you just as much grip as those extreme sheets, but without having to worry about getting your shins all torn up when you bail.

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