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Chairlift pick up lines

Chairlift pick up lines

Valentine’s day is only 10 days away and I wanted to help everyone out. I did some searching and found 30 of the best pick up lines you can use next time you’re on the chairlift.  At Stompy Wax we are all about connecting people to their boards, but today we are going to help you connect with the person sitting beside you. Who knows, maybe the cheesiness of these lines might actually work and you could score a phone number.

Oh ya, and don’t forget your helmet. 


1) Want Me To Jump Off This Chairlift? Because I Think I Could Fall For You

2) Do You Believe In Love At First Sight Or Should We Go Round This Chairlift Again?

3) Do You Like Backflips? Because I’m Going Head Over Heels For You…

4) I Bribed The Control Guy To Stop The Chairlift. We Could Be Here A While

5) I Bombed Off A 40ft Cliff Yesterday. I’m Not Afraid To Admit That Size Matters

6) Was It Red Bull That Gave You Wings Or Are You Just An Angel?

7) I Might Follow You When You Get Off The Chairlift. *Stare Into The Distance*

8) Even This Pow Isn’t As Sweet As You Are

9) How Much Does This Chairlift Weigh? Enough To Break The Ice…

10) I Think I’m On The Wrong Chair Lift… I Didn’t Mean To Go Straight To Heaven!

11) I’ll Nose Butter Your Box If You Lip Slide My Rail

12) Are You Going To Carry Me Down The Mountain Now You’ve Swept Me Off My Feet?

13) Your Eyes Are Bluer Than The Most Beautiful Bluebird Day

14) You’re Making My Stomach Do Quad Corks

15) Is It Really Windy Up Here Or Is That Just You That’s Blowing Me Away…

16) I Didn’t Know Angels Had To Use The Chair Lift Too…

17) I Need Mouth To Mouth! The Altitude! *Pretend To Faint*

18) I’m Doing A Survey, Do You Mind Taking It? How Are Enjoying The Pow? What’s Your Number? Are You Free Tonight?

19) You Know What I Have In Common With This Snow? Eight Inches.

20) They Call Me A Ski Bum, But Yours Looks Like The Best On The Mountain

21) Under This Helmet And These Goggles, I Look Surprisingly Like Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie (Delete As Appropriate). You’ll Have To Trust Me On That.

22) You’re Like Gluhwein: A Little Bit Sweet And Incredibly Hot

23) Where Are You Off To Ski Then? (Whatever They Answer) – What A Coincidence!

24) Stick With Me And You Won’t Have To Ride Black Diamonds Anymore, You’ll Be Wearing Them

25) Better put the bar down quick I might fall for you.

26) Nice moguls.

27) I won’t pull your pass if you duck my rope.

28) Looks like they have been doing avalanche control around here, because I just found me a bombshell!

29) I noticed you were in the singles line... me too!

30)I think I accidentally got on the chairlift to heaven…
















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